REACTOR MAIL is an easy to use online tool for businesses to create their own branded email and then use it to send out requested information such as web hosted PDF documents

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Any business that sends information to prospects or customers has a use for this tool


Save money, make a professional impression, become 'greener',  deliver information instantly... Reactor Mail has a lot to offer


What is Reactor Mail?

Surprisingly, in this digital age many companies can only send out requested material in the post, or at best a text email with a large attached file.

Reactor Mail provides a professional alternative, enabling users to send a branded HTML email instantly and linking to web hosted content (such as PDF’s, flash demo’s, video guides…etc).

Whether your business has a customer services team, who are frequently contacted for brochures, or a sales team that constantly have to follow up a call or meeting with details by email – then this tool is for you.

step 11. Log in via web

Access reactor via or your own domain name.

step 22. Select information

Select the specific information you wish to send from a range of categorised content.

step 33. Personalise content

Add a personal message to the recipient and add their contact details.

step 44. Preview and send email

See an instant preview of the email with your personalised message and selected content before sending.